What is a Woodwick Candle?

wood wick candles nz

While woodwick candles aren't so popular yet in New Zealand, they have slowly become a trend in the last 3 - 4 years globally.


Our premium, all- natural, woodwicks are made from native sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills in the USA.

Cotton wicks are braided cotton strands, dipped in wax, but do not give off the distinctive crackling sounds of a cozy fireplace like woodwicks do, producing a calming effect and mood.

The beautiful aroma woodwicks produce can also provide a relaxing atmosphere after a long day at work.


Woodwicks are safe

Obtained from sustainable forests, our woodwicks are 100% natural, non-toxic, clean-burning and eco-friendly

When trimmed properly, a woodwick candle creates a cleaner burn with less black soot, compared to standard cotton wicks.

Woodwicks have better scent throw

Wooden wicks create a horizontal and broader flame that throws more heat into your candle quicker. Candles using woodwicks also displace scent much better than cotton wicks, allowing fragrances to enter your home faster.

Woodwick candles have a better burn time

Wooden wicks tend to burn longer than cotton, also producing a beautiful tear-shaped flame.

Our medium and large soy candles have burn time range between 35 and 65 hours.

Relax with Ahuru Candles...

Our candles come in a range of natural and aromatic scents! Indulge your senses with these stunning natural aromas while listening to the soothing crackle of a homely fire.

A beautiful hand-poured candle is an excellent addition to your home and makes a lovely gift for friends and family.

Ahuru Candles are proudly made in Auckland, New Zealand, directly from our home studio.