" To create healthier and more functional candles using pure essential oils, free from synthetic fragrance because I would like to promote self-care for women who want to improve their mental health."

My Story

Home Sick & Unwell "Back in 2018 while I was working overseas, I was homesick and unwell, both physically and mentally. Mainly due to work stress.  For a long time, I would only be half asleep throughout the entire night, because I had insomnia."

The Turning Point "That was when I started creating Ahuru Candles. It was a creative outlet to feel connected to home again."

Ahuru "When I was creating these essential oil candles, they would remind me of the beautiful nature, and the blue skies of New Zealand - the simple and stress-free life."

Ahuru candles

Finding The Purpose "Now I am back home, I want to use these aromatherapy candles to help and empower other women, who want to improve their mental health and feel better. I hope you can find your comfort in our candles."

And The Story Continues... "The meaning of life is to discover your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." 

NZ Made Candles

Nz Made candle

At Ahuru, our goal is to create a better home environment without the use of synthetic fragrances. We’ve taken care to select scents that augment every part of the home, from using lavender in the bedroom for calming and restoring to peppermint in the study room to invigorate your mind.  Here’s how we’re maintaining a commitment of excellence and fine craftsmanship....

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