Cozy living room in a New Zealand home featuring a variety of WoodWick candles with visible flames and crackling wood wicks, surrounded by calming decor and natural elements, highlighting the best sce

Best Woodwick Candles NZ: Guide to the Top Scents and Styles

Introduction to Woodwick Candles

Woodwick candles are renowned for their distinctive wooden wicks, which crackle as they burn, resembling the soothing sounds of a fireplace. These candles not only provide a unique auditory experience but also come in an array of fragrances and styles that cater to diverse preferences. Our Woodwick candles have gained popularity for enhancing the ambiance of any space, making them a go-to choice for those who cherish aromatherapy and natural scent of essential oils.

Best Scents for Woodwick Candle NZ

With a plethora of scents available, selecting the right Woodwick candle can be a delightful challenge. Each fragrance is designed to evoke different moods and settings. Here are some of the most beloved scents:

1. Vanilla & Orange

Perfect for those who appreciate the classic warmth of vanilla and uplifting aroma of orange. The Vanilla & Orange Woodwick candle exudes a creamy, citrus aroma that fills any room with a comforting and welcoming scent.

2.Cedarwood & Clove 

The Cedarwood & Clove Woodwick candle is ideal for those cold nights when you crave the essence of a grounding and relaxing scent. This scent recreates the cozy, enveloping atmosphere of sitting beside a crackling fire.

3. Lavender 

Recreate the tranquil experience of a spa with the soothing Lavender fragrance. This candle is perfect for relaxation, emitting the calming scent of lavender, perfect for stress relief and deep sleep. 

4. Rose & Geranium

Rose & Geranium is ideal for those who love a feminine, floral scent with a hint of gentle spice and sweetness. It’s reminiscent of feeling of luxury. 

Styles and Formats of Woodwick Candles

Woodwick candles are available not only in various scents but also in multiple styles and formats, catering to different aesthetic preferences and usage needs:

Large Candles

The iconic frosted amber jar candles are perhaps the most recognized style. They feature a bamboo lid that doubles as a heat-resistant mat, providing both functionality and elegance.

Small Candles

Small candles are unique in that they contain a starter experience for those who have not experienced our candles before.

Choosing the Right Woodwick Candle for Your Home

When selecting a Woodwick candle, consider the size of the room where the candle will be used and the desired intensity of the fragrance. Larger spaces might benefit from stronger scents like Cedarwood & Clove, while smaller spaces might be suited to lighter scents like Rose & Geranium.


Woodwick candles offer an exceptional combination of soothing sounds and aromatic pleasures, making them much more than just a candle. By selecting from the array of scents and styles available in New Zealand, you can elevate your home's ambiance and enjoy a multisensory experience tailored to your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Enhance your experience further by exploring options like scented candles and aromatherapy collections to find complementary products that suit your mood and decor.

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