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Discover the Best Christmas Scented Candles in NZ

Discover the Best Christmas Scented Candles in NZ

As the festive season approaches, there's no better way to infuse your home with holiday cheer than with the perfect Christmas scented candles in NZ. Whether you prefer the rich aroma of cinnamon spice or the fresh scent of pine trees, there's a Christmas candle out there to get you into the holiday spirit.

In this guide, we'll introduce you to some of the top scented candles available in New Zealand, share tips on selecting the perfect scent for your home, and recommend the best places to purchase these festive delights. Let your home glow with warmth and irresistible fragrances this Christmas season.

Top Christmas Scented Candles Available in NZ

As the festive season approaches, nothing sets the mood quite like the warm, inviting glow of a beautifully scented candle. When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas scented candles in NZ, there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional pine and cinnamon to unique blends crafted by local artisans, here's a roundup of the top Christmas candles that will make your festive season truly magical.

Range of Christmas Candles Available

New Zealand offers an impressive variety of Christmas scented candles that cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer the classic scents of spruce and spice or more contemporary blends, there is something for everyone in the extensive range of scented candles.

Top-Rated Brands and Local Favourites

Pohutukawa Christmas by Ecoya

Ecoya, a renowned brand in New Zealand, brings the essence of a Kiwi Christmas to life with their 'Pohutukawa Christmas' candle. This top-rated favourite encapsulates the unique blend of sweet berries and fresh ocean spray, perfectly balanced with creamy vanilla and light floral notes. It's a quintessential representation of a New Zealand Christmas.

Christmas Spice by Downlights

Downlights offers their delightful 'Christmas Spice' candle, a harmonious mix of cinnamon, clove, and orange. This candle is perfect for those who love the traditional Christmas scent reminiscent of baking cookies and mulled wine. Furthermore, Downlights supports a brighter future by employing individuals with Down Syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities, making it a sustainable and compassionate choice.

Festive Fir by The Aromatherapy Co.

The Aromatherapy Co. presents 'Festive Fir', a rejuvenating blend of pine, spruce, and cedarwood that evokes the fresh, green scent of a Christmas tree. This candle is perfect for creating a serene and natural festive atmosphere in your home. To explore more options from this brand, visit our Aromatherapy Candles collection.

Joyful Jasmine by Living Light

Living Light's 'Joyful Jasmine' is for those who prefer a more floral scent. This exquisite candle melds the aroma of fresh jasmine with hints of sandalwood and musk, creating an elegant and festive fragrance. Hand-poured in Golden Bay, this candle reflects quality craftsmanship and the beauty of nature.

Christmas Cake by Cerulean

Cerulean's 'Christmas Cake' candle is a delectable blend of dried fruits, brandy, and vanilla, capturing the essence of a Christmas dessert. This candle is a must-have for anyone who loves the warm and inviting scents of holiday baking. Additionally, Cerulean is a local favourite in NZ, known for their high-quality, hand-poured candles.

Scents of the Season Gift Set by The Candle House

If you can't decide on just one scent, The Candle House offers a 'Scents of the Season' gift set. This collection includes a variety of festive scents such as gingerbread, peppermint, and holly berry. It's an ideal choice for those who want to experience different aromas throughout the holiday season. To find more gift options, check out our Candle Gift Sets collection.

Unique Scents for Every Taste

Each candle brings a unique fragrance experience that can transport you to a different aspect of the Christmas celebration. The diversity in scents, from the traditional pine and spice to the more intricate blends of jasmine and sea breeze, ensures that everyone can find their ideal festive fragrance. Explore more unique options in our NZ Made Candle collection.

Whether you're looking for a nostalgic scent that reminds you of past Christmases or a new favourite to mark the occasion, these top Christmas scented candles in NZ offer something special for every home. Delve into the world of festive fragrances and discover the perfect candle to light up your holiday season.

Ready to create the perfect festive atmosphere? Check out our extensive range of Christmas Candles in NZ and find your favourite scent today!

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How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Scented Candle

Tips on Selecting the Right Scent for Different Preferences

Choosing the perfect Christmas scented candle can seem overwhelming with so many delightful options available. To find the ideal candle, consider both personal preferences and the atmosphere you wish to create. For those who love traditional holiday scents, opt for fragrances like cinnamon, pine, or spiced apple. If you prefer something more subtle, look for candles with notes of vanilla, amber, or peppermint.

Additionally, consider any allergies or sensitivities to specific scents. Many brands offer essential oil candles that are gentle on the senses. Seasonal favourites such as gingerbread or mulled wine can also evoke treasured holiday memories and add a festive touch to your home.

Factors to Consider: Burn Time, Wax Type, and Fragrance Intensity

When selecting a Christmas scented candle, it's crucial to consider practical aspects like burn time, wax type, and fragrance intensity. Here’s what to look for:

  • Burn Time: Look for candles that offer a long burn time to ensure you enjoy the scent throughout the holiday season. Soy candles, for example, tend to burn longer than traditional paraffin candles.
  • Wax Type: Consider the type of wax used in the candle. Soy candles are environmentally friendly and produce a cleaner burn, while beeswax candles have a subtle, natural fragrance and are known for their longer burn time. Paraffin wax, although widely available, may release more soot.
  • Fragrance Intensity: Candles with high-quality essential oils or fragrance oils will fill your space with more robust and long-lasting scents. If you prefer a lighter fragrance, choose candles with a lower concentration of fragrance oils.

Suggestions for Various Settings

Your choice of Christmas scented candle can vary based on the setting in which it'll be used. Here are some suggestions for different areas of your home:

  • Living Rooms: For communal spaces like the living room where family and guests gather, choose woodwick candles that create a cosy ambiance with their crackling sound. Scents like pine or spiced cider can enhance the festive mood.
  • Dining Areas: Enhance your dining experience with candles that have warm, appetising scents such as vanilla, cinnamon, or gingerbread. Avoid overpowering fragrances that might compete with the aromas of your holiday meals.
  • Bedrooms: For a more intimate and relaxing setting such as the bedroom, opt for calming scents like lavender, sandalwood, or chamomile. Candles with aromatherapy benefits can also help unwind and enhance sleep quality.

If you're looking to try a variety of scents, consider purchasing candle gift sets. These sets often include a range of seasonal fragrances, allowing you to sample different options and find your favourites.

Finding the perfect Christmas scented candle can truly elevate your festive celebrations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your loved ones. So whether you lean towards classic holiday scents or something a bit more unique, remember to enjoy the sensory journey of discovering the scent that feels just right. If you're ready to start shopping, explore our selection of high-quality NZ-made candles to find your perfect holiday fragrance.

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Where to Buy the Best Christmas Scented Candles in NZ

Popular Retail Stores for Christmas Candles

When it comes to purchasing Christmas scented candles in NZ, several popular retail stores offer a wide range of options. Large department stores like Farmers, Briscoes, and The Warehouse stock an impressive selection of Christmas candles that cater to various tastes and budgets. These stores often feature well-known brands and occasionally collaborate with local artisans to bring unique, seasonal scents.

Another great option is to explore boutique homeware stores such as Shut the Front Door and Bed Bath & Beyond. These shops typically offer a more curated selection of designer candles that emphasise both aesthetic and fragrance quality. If you're looking for something extra special, these stores are great places to find unique holiday treasures.

Online Shops with a Range of Christmas Scented Candles

In today’s digital age, buying Christmas scented candles online is incredibly convenient and often provides a broader range of choices. Popular online retailers like Mighty Ape and TheMarket offer an extensive selection of candles from various brands. These platforms frequently run seasonal deals and discounts, making it a cost-effective way to stock up on your favourite holiday scents.

Additionally, specialist candle websites like Candle Crush and Illuminate Candles feature exclusive collections that you might not find in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Their user-friendly websites often include detailed descriptions, reviews, and even scent guides, which can help you make informed decisions without ever leaving your home.

Supporting NZ-Based Candle Makers

If you're passionate about supporting local businesses, buying from NZ-based candle makers is a fantastic option. Companies such as Downlights and Ecoya offer a range of beautifully crafted candles made right here in New Zealand. These brands are celebrated not only for their exceptional quality but also for their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Purchasing from local artisans doesn't just ensure you’re getting a unique, handcrafted product; it also contributes to the local economy and often provides a more personalised shopping experience. Many of these artisans attend local markets and fairs during the festive season, providing an excellent opportunity to browse a variety of NZ-made candles in person.

Seasonal Deals and Bulk Purchase Options

The holiday season is a great time to take advantage of special offers and discounts on Christmas scented candles in NZ. Retail stores and online shops frequently run promotions in the lead-up to Christmas. These can include anything from 'buy one, get one free' offers to significant discounts on bulk purchases, making it more affordable to fill your home with festive aromas.

For those who enjoy giving candles as gifts, many retailers provide candle gift sets that are attractively packaged and ready for gifting. These sets often offer a variety of scents, providing a comprehensive sensory experience that’s sure to delight any recipient.

Conclusion: Finding Your Perfect Christmas Candle

Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, the options for purchasing Christmas scented candles in NZ are abundant and varied. From mainstream retail stores and specialised online shops to local artisans, there's something for everyone. Keep an eye out for seasonal deals and consider supporting NZ-based candle makers to find a unique and ethical choice for your festive fragrance needs.


Finding the perfect Christmas scented candles in NZ can transform your holiday season into a fragrant, festive celebration. With a variety of top-rated brands, unique local favourites, and beautifully crafted aromas, there's something to delight every nose and heart.

Consider factors like burn time, wax type, and fragrance intensity when choosing your candle. Whether you're setting the mood in your living room, dining area, or bedroom, there's a scent for every setting. From retail stores to online shopping and local artisans, New Zealand offers a plethora of options to support your Christmas candle journey.

For an extensive selection of the best Christmas candles, explore our [Christmas Candles Collection](/collections/christmas-candle-nz). Don't miss out on seasonal deals and discounts to stock up on your favourite scents. Illuminate your holidays with the warmth and joy only a perfect candle can bring.

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