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NZ-Made Candles: Ahuru Candles

For centuries, people have enjoyed the benefits of different scents to cleanse and restore their minds and bodies. It’s natural and effective, which is why we’ve brought this tradition to our NZ-made candles. 

At Ahuru, our goal is to create a better home environment without the use of synthetic fragrances. We’ve taken care to select scents that augment every part of the home, from using lavender in the bedroom for calming and restoring to peppermint in the study room to invigorate your mind.  Here’s how we’re maintaining a commitment of excellence and fine craftsmanship.

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What Makes Our NZ-Made Candles So Special?

Candlemaking is our specialty here at Ahuru, something we indulge in just as much as our customers do. But just as we pour our care and pride into the way our candles make you feel, we think it’s equally important for you to know what you’re getting with each Ahuru candle.

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The Wax

Candle making is a time-honoured tradition but has become something of a lost art to mass market candle manufacturers. At Ahuru, we thought it was time to bring the artisanal approach back to the process, starting with the wax. 

We use only high-quality soy wax in our candles and hand-pour it into every jar. Soy wax is eco-friendly and made from renewable resources, unlike paraffin wax that may contain harmful chemicals that leach into the air. Soy wax also results in a cleaner burn, with up to 90% less soot and no toxins.

The Wick

The crackling sound of a fire is soothing to the soul. For a moment, you might even forget you’re in your own home and not on some remote woodland retreat. 

Each of our NZ-made candles contains a wood wick because of how it creates a fuller sensory experience. It’s easy to light, contributes to a longer burn time, and transforms the flame into a tear-drop shape for a fuller glow.

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The Scents

Scented candles aren’t a novel concept, but more people are waking up to the fact that not all scents are created equal. Synthetic fragrances often contain harmful toxins that are emitted into the air, plus many have a lingering after-smell that doesn’t mirror the beautiful fragrance you enjoyed on your first burn.

That’s why Ahuru only uses therapeutic-grade essential oils for our candle fragrances. There’s nothing aritificial or harmful, so you can gain peace of mind knowing your aromatherapy is only good for you. 

The Experience

The ingredients of our NZ-made candles weren’t chosen by accident. We selected them to create an intentional, sensory experience every time you light the wick. Whether you want to elicit romantic vibes or turn your bathroom into a world-class spa, just one candle can completely transform your space.

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Get to Know Ahuru NZ-Made Candles

Our attention to detail in our NZ-made candles might be a lost art to some candle companies. But to us, it’s the only way to craft a luxury experience for our customers. 

We invite you to explore our collection of NZ-made candles and treat your senses to a cleaner fragrance feast. 

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