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Why Did We Create Ahuru Candles?

There's a secret behind Ahuru Candles that I have never shared.

Back in 2018 while I was living and working overseas in Singapore, I was homesick and unwell, both physically and mentally. Mainly due to work stress. I was sick often and had insomnia. For a long time, I would be half asleep throughout the entire night. It was a vicious cycle.

That was when I started creating Ahuru Candles. It was a creative outlet for me.

When I blended these essential oils, it would make me think about home; the beautiful nature, and the blue skies of New Zealand - the simple and stress-free life. That is why I decided to name it Ahuru, which meant comfort in Maori, but also meant home to me. 

I found my peace of mind by creating these candles.

Fast forward till now, I am back home, and I want to use these candles to help other people who may be going through a tough time, be it mentally or physically and I hope people can find comfort in my candles because each essential oil candle is so uniquely blended with a story behind it.

This is the Ahuru story. And I hope you find your comfort in our candles.
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