Pure Essential Oil Candles in NZ

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Key Features and Benefits

🫶 Handmade with care in NZ

🌿100% pure essential oils for authentic aromatherapy

😮‍💨 Clean-burning soy wax

🪵 Wooden wick for a soothing crackling sound

🚫 No synthetic toxins

🛏️ Enhances relaxation and stress relief

❤️ Perfect for self-care, meditation and yoga

🎁 Thoughtfully designed for gifting to loved ones

Pick Your Best Scent

If you're considering buying a essential oil candle or you are curious about this type of candles, you've come to the right place. You'll learn why essential oil is better than synthetic fragrance oils, and why Āhuru is the best essential oil candle maker in New Zealand.

From the creator of Āhuru Candles:

"I spent most of my childhood growing up in New Zealand, surrounded by lush greens, colourful flowers, and blue skies, and I missed being in touch with nature again while I lived overseas."

Āhuru was born from my vision to help people create such beautiful moments in life, as well as to enhance our well-being through the use of all-natural products from Mother Earth."

Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils in Candles

Making Soy Candles with Essential Oils

At Ahuru, we are very mindful of the essential oils we use for our candles.

All our essential oils are sourced from professional and ethical suppliers. They have rigorous quality control standards, and Gas Chromatograph (GC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) are also used to ensure quality.

Essential oils are pure natural aromatic essence

Essential oils are extracted from various aromatic plant material, including grasses, leaves, flowers, needles, twigs, fruit peels, seeds, bark, and roots. The essential oils within a plant are Mother Nature's creations, and they are not mixed with carrier oil or other artificial substances.

Synthetic fragrance oils are artificially created from chemical compounds that do not exist in nature. They can also be harmful to your body!

Some fragrance oils can be natural (Natural Fragrance oils), but they are created by isolating one of the natural aromatic components from a complex compound. When you extract an essential oil, you are removing the entire scent.

Although essential oils are more expensive and more are required to make a scented candle, they offer a natural aromatic scent far better than fragrance oils.

Aromatherapy effects

Essential oils are not only highly aromatic, but the natural chemical composition also offers therapeutic benefits. For example, lavender essential oil has a relaxing aroma that helps relieve tension with its soothing, calming, and harmonizing effect on the nerves. 

Fragrance oils cannot provide the same benefits, as they’re only designed for imitating scents.

Essential oils are tested thoroughly

The essential oil industry is characterized by more extensive testing and quality control to ensure high standards and safety. However, a synthetic fragrance does not require such rigorous testing.

Best Aromatherapy Candles

A beautiful hand-poured candle is an excellent addition to your home and makes a lovely gift for friends and family.

Although it's harder and more expensive to make candles with essential oils compared to fragrance oils, there are so many benefits (more about this below). 

We also use natural soy wax and woodwicks to make the best-scented soy candles with soothing crackling wick sounds.

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