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Exploring the Benefits of Essential Oil Candles NZ

Essential oil candles do so much more than give your home a clean, warm glow. Depending on the scent, aromatherapy can help with everything from stress to energy and more. That’s because essential oils contain a number of natural properties that affect your body and health in a positive way.

Here’s a closer look at our lineup of essential oil candles in NZ and how each scent supports a better mind, body, and soul. ‘

Lavender Essential Oil Candle 

Synonymous with calming, lavender’s light floral fragrance has a sedating effect. It’s a common staple in spas and bedrooms because it promotes relaxation and lowers feelings of anxiety. In addition to lavender essential oil candles, many people choose lavender-infused products like massage oils and body washes to relieve stress and sleep better.

Cedarwood and Clove Essential Oil Candle

The potent, woodsy scent of cedarwood makes the perfect companion to the spicy scent of clove. Cedarwood brings an aromatic scent of trees and plants to your space, helping you feel more at one with nature. In aromatherapy, it’s commonly used to get a better night’s sleep. Cedarwood contains a compound called cedrol that can help you turn your mood around and make you feel grounded and in control.

The spicy aroma of clove is rich in eugenol, which helps to reduce feelings of stress. Clove oil is a favourite year-round scent because it stimulates the mind and leaves you feeling invigorated.

Cedarwood and clove essential oil candle is very similar to luxurious men's perfume; woody and sweet with an underlying tone of gentle spice. An aroma that brings a warm sensation to your home during autumn and winter.

Rose and Geranium Essential Oil Candle

Sweet,  floral, and feminine, with a dash of gentle spice. Rose and geranium essential oil candle is one of our best sellers amongst ladies!

Rose oil has turned the heads of beauty mavens for its skin benefits, but it’s also a powerhouse in aromatherapy. When inhaled, it smells like your own personal rose garden that puts you instantly at ease. It evokes feelings of freedom and calmness, turning a busy, stressful environment into one that’s conducive to relaxation. 

We combine rose oil with another floral favorite, geranium. It’s typically used topically for wound treatment, pain, and inflammation. But geranium aromas are also uplifting, helping you feel content and carefree. Combined, these two flowery scents can make any moment in time feel like a walk in the park.

Citronella and Orange Essential Oil Candle

Citronella isn’t just for pest control. Its citrusy scent can also invigorate the mind and lift up your mood. Feel energised and chase away feelings of sadness. 

We combined our citronella scent with another citrus favorite, orange blossom essential oil. Clean and crisp, orange gives you a brain boost and makes you feel happier. 

Citronella and Orange Blossom Essential Oil Candle  is an incredible scent for summertime when you want to enjoy the outdoor living areas of your home.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Candle

Lemongrass is also a favourite in our essential oil candles in NZ. Studies have found that lemongrass has a “harmonising” effect on the nervous system. It promotes feelings of calmness and puts you more at ease. 

The refreshing aroma of an lemongrass essential oil candle can also help to reduce mental fatigue and heightening awareness. 

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Blend

If you are working or studying at home, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil candles will be the best aroma that will help to increase your level of concentration. 

Peppermint is a natural stimulant, providing a cognitive boost and promoting clarity of mind. Eucalyptus is a favorite scent when you’re under the weather because it helps relieve congestion and other cold symptoms.

As an added bonus, the antimicrobial properties of each can help to disinfect your home!

Find Your Signature Scent with Ahuru Essential Oil Candles NZ!

Scent is a powerful sense, one that helps improve your quality of life when you choose the right one. Fill your home with our Ahuru essential oil candles, made in NZ and available in our store!