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Choosing the Best NZ Scented Candles According to the Season

Choosing the Best Scented Candles According to the Season

Ahuru’s Scented candles made with therapeutic essential oils and woodwicks aren’t just for filling a room with a warm glow and a pleasant fragrance. They’re also for making a statement. The scent of a candle can affect the way you feel and even inspire the day’s events. While many people choose their scented candles based on the smells they like, we suggest choosing scented candles according to the season.

Why, you ask? Because just like home decor, the scent of a room adds so much to its surrounding environment. As the seasons change, so do the smells, sights, and activities we associate with each one. Pairing a natural scented candle with the season adds to the experience to create a richer sensory environment.

Here’s how you can choose the best scented candles according to the season.

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Scented Candles for Fall

Falls evokes memories of all things warm and crisp: falling leaves, fires, pumpkin everything, and yes, scented candles. We recommend sticking with warm, rich fragrances that conjure up images of your cosiest memories. 

Cedarwood is an excellent choice because of its strong, unmistakable flavor notes. It’s made from the bark, twigs, needles, and berries of the cedar tree and boasts a soothing, relaxing aroma. It’s also a powerful essential oil that’s known for its calming effects on the mind and body, enhancing concentration, and releasing tension. 

We like to pair cedarwood with another strong essential oil: clove. A popular baking spice for fall goodies, clove oil is used across a variety of applications, including stimulating the mind and improving concentration.

It’s a dynamic duo for the onset of cold and flu season, as well as the arrival of cooler weather. 

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Scented Candles for Winter

Moving into even cooler temperatures in NZ, the thoughts of warm fireplaces and cosy blankets tend to take centrestage. The right scented candle can complement this picture-perfect image and warm you from the inside out.

Our top pick is a combination of peppermint and eucalyptus. Peppermint is energising to the mind but relaxing on the body. It’s also a favourite addition to warm drinks like hot cocoas and teas. Eucalyptus oil is another winter superstar, soothing the mind and promoting mental clarity.

Scented Candles for Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just a trendy buzzword; it’s part of our natural circadian rhythm, so to speak. After we emerge from the slow, stuffy winter doldrums, it’s time to get moving again and start cleaning out a “nest” that’s been somewhat neglected. 

There’s no cleaner scent than that of lemongrass. The slightly soapy, always-fresh smell of lemongrass evokes images of cleanliness. Floral scents are also popular, including our signature lavender candle and our rose and geranium candle. Both are reminiscent of walking in a spring garden and make it easy to feel like you’re bringing the outdoors inside (without the pollen!).

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Scented Candles for Summer

Lighting a candle during the hot summer months might be the furthest thing from your mind. But with one of the best scented candles in NZ, the right scent can actually help to make your space feel cool, calm, and collected. 

Citronella is always a summertime favourite because of its ability to repel bugs and mosquitoes while leaving behind a slightly fruity scent. It smells sweet but not overly strong, and it’s a fragrance that’s become synonymous with summer.

If you’re shopping our line of Ahuru candles, you’ll see we’ve paired citronella with orange blossom candle. Citrus fruits like orange are hallmarks of warmer weather, offering a refreshing way to stay cool, hydrated, and full.

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The best scented candles in NZ are right here at Ahuru, where we use all-natural, high-quality essential oils that are free from synthetic fragrances. We focus on infusing mental health and wellness into every candle we create, offering beautiful blends of scents that improve your quality of life.

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