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Handmade Candles NZ

Handmade Candles NZ

When choosing a new candle for your home, we know the options on offer today can often seem overwhelming. Candles are a great way to add a relaxing or uplifting scent to your home, but we always recommend opting for NZ handmade candles. Keep reading as we share the benefits of choosing handmade candles and why Ahuru Candles are different from other options on the market today.

handmade candles nz

No Synthetic Fragrances

Here at Ahuru Candles, the goal of our handmade candles in NZ is to create a better home environment without using synthetic fragrances. We use essential oils in each of our products, which won’t add any toxic ingredients to your home. 

You’ll find a wide range of natural scented essential oil candles on offer, ranging from calming lavender to grounding cedarwood & clove. Handmade candles allow you to have more control over the scents you are bringing into your home so that you reduce your reliance on nasty chemicals.

handmade candles nz

Made With Love and Care

Each of our handmade candles from NZ is made with care and attention, so you can be sure you’ll receive a high-quality product each and every time. When candles are made by hand, there’s less of a chance of defects or issues with the product. 

The candles can be manually checked by our team, so you’ll always receive a candle that’s ready to use straight away or give to your family and friends. We take pride in all of our handmade candles NZ to ensure you are getting a product that will positively enhance your home’s atmosphere.

A Cleaner Burn with Soy Wax

When choosing handmade candles NZ, you’ll notice that all of our products are created with soy wax. Compared to the other options out there, this is a more eco-friendly product without harmful chemicals. Soy wax reduces the soot when burning your candle by up to 90%, and it doesn’t release any harmful toxins into your home. This is especially important when using candles around children and pets, as you want to ensure you aren’t doing any harm to their health.


Wood Wick - Longer Burn Time

Handmade candles from NZ usually result in a longer burn time, especially if they are made with a wood wick like each of our NZ-made candles. This helps to offer you great value for money when purchasing a candle and will keep your home feeling warm and cozy for longer.

Wood wicks are easy to light and will create a tear-drop flame, which will look pretty in any kitchen or living room. Our candles offer a relaxing crackling sound thanks to the wood wick, which makes the perfect calming combination alongside the natural essential oil scent.

Get to Know Ahuru Handmade Candles

Here at Ahuru Candles, we are passionate about the benefits of using handmade candles over the other options on offer today. You’ll find a full range of handmade candles from NZ on our site, all of which are handmade with essential oils. Whether you are looking to relax or enjoy a more invigorating scent, you’ll find an option on our site to suit your needs. 

Contact us today with any questions you have about our handmade candles, or browse our online store for more information.
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