Expert candle-making in NZ Using Essential Oils I Ahuru Candles - Ahuru Candle NZ

Expert candle-making in NZ Using Essential Oils I Ahuru Candles

Candle Making in New Zealand 

When browsing through our selection of candles, you may be wondering about candle making in NZ and how our candles are made. Today we’re going to take you behind the scenes of how we create our handmade candles and the different ingredients we use to create soy candles using essential oils

How Are Candles Made?

When it comes to candle making, this is a lengthy process to create the high-quality and longer-burning candles you’ll see on our site. 

Candle making isn’t as simple as melting wax and adding essential oils, as it’s a combination of art and science. These are the steps we follow to lovingly create each of our candles by hand:

  1. Start by melting the wax before adding the essential oils, which create natural scents in our range. 
  2. From there, it’s time to attach the wick and pour the wax into the jar. We use amber jars to protect the essential oils that go into our candles, as they are more sensitive to sunlight and heat.
  3. After the candles solidify, you can start trimming the wood wick to complete the candle. It takes a longer time to test and refine the scent when working with natural essential oils, but this is something that we are passionate about as a company.
  4. To finish off the candle, we fix the surface to make it smooth and then clean and hand label each one of them, ready to be sent to our customers by mail.


The Different Types of Wax

Here at Ahuru Candles, you’ll notice that our candle making NZ is completed with soy wax. Another popular option on the market is paraffin wax, and you’ll find that other companies opt to use beeswax or coconut wax too. 

The reason we selected soy wax is that it’s a vegan and natural solution for your candles. This means we are able to reduce our impact on the environment while still offering you a top-quality product you can burn for hours at a time. Soy wax is also a non-toxic option for candle making in NZ and is a clean-burning fuel source. Many companies are opting to switch over to this type of wax now, as it’s becoming more sought after by candle-lovers around the world.

Compared to paraffin wax, there are many benefits of using soy wax over these other options. Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based wax that is created from crude oil that’s extracted from the earth. 

Burning paraffin wax releases toxins and carcinogens, which can cause many negative side effects. This is why we are so passionate about using soy wax, so we can offer you a safe and natural product. It makes a fantastic base for any essential oil, while offering a healthier scent swap to normal commercial brand candles. 

Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

Another important element of the candle making in NZ process is the choice of oil that’s added to your candles. 

We choose to use essential oils in all of our products, which offer a natural and softer scent throw, that causes less discomfort. The reason for using essential oils over fragrance oils is that they are free from synthetics.

Essential oils are made from plants, flowers and fruit, as opposed to being manufactured in a lab like fragrance oils. This offers you a natural scent that will enhance the atmosphere of your home without relying on synthetic ingredients. The chance of headaches and other unpleasant side effects from using candles is greatly reduced, meaning you can enjoy them without impacting the health of anyone in your home.


Wood Wicks vs Cotton Wicks

No candle would be complete without a wick, but you may notice that our candles are made with wood wicks as opposed to cotton wicks. Wood wicks have many benefits over cotton wicks, which is why we’ve chosen to use these as part of our candle making in NZ. 

You’ll find they create less black smoke and will last much longer than cotton wicks. They also have a crackling sound when you burn them, which creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room in your home. We also find them to be much more aesthetically pleasing, which makes our candles the perfect gift for your friends and family. Candles are the ideal gift for anyone who has everything, as you truly can never have too many candles in your home.


Get to Know Ahuru Handmade Candles

There are many different elements that go into the candle making process in NZ. You’ll find that each of these areas comes together to create a natural and vegan-friendly candle that will brighten up any home. 

We encourage you to take a look at the full range of products on our site, as we offer candles in a variety of scents to suit your preferences. Our team is passionate about the candle making process and strives to create a long-lasting and high-quality candle that you’ll enjoy using around your home.

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