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West Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil (Amyris)

West Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil (Amyris)

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Warm, woody, and exotic. Amyris West Indian essential oil offers a rich and earthy aroma with hints of sweetness and spice.

Amyris West Indian essential oil presents a distinctively warm and woody fragrance. It carries a sense of exoticness and depth, reminiscent of tropical forests. The aroma is characterized by its smooth and sweet undertones, providing a comforting and soothing experience.

Amyris essential oil is used as a substitute for East Indian Sandalwood due to its similar aroma, sustainability, affordability, and comparable therapeutic properties. With the scarcity of East Indian Sandalwood and its high cost, Amyris offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative that replicates some of the sandalwood-like qualities.

Botanical Benefits

Amyris West Indian essential oil is known for its calming properties, making it ideal for relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Its warm and grounding scent creates a serene ambiance, encouraging a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.




- For external use only

- If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before use

- Do not apply to skin undiluted. Always mix it to a carrier oil (sweet almond, jojoba oil)

- Avoid contact with eyes, broken skin, or sensitive areas.

- Discontinue if you experience irritation or rash.

- Keep out of reach of children.

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